Norton Shopping Guarantee is designed to work on all shopping cart platforms. The graphical elements are designed to ensure that every buyer is aware of the Guarantee. Much like Free Shipping, when you prominently display the value proposition, you will convert more shoppers into buyers.

The installation requires two steps, described below and by installing Norton Shopping Guarantee you agree to the Terms of Use.



Step 1: Seal and Conversion Kickers


Norton Shopping Guarantee seals


The Norton Shopping Guarantee seal is placed on all pages of your website. It will dock in the bottom-left corner of the screen. We recommend placing the code in a global include file. The ideal location for the Norton Shopping Guarantee seal code is at very bottom of the BODY section.

The Norton Shopping Guarantee seal expands when you rollover the graphic with the mouse. The rollover is designed to communicate the benefits and provide the end user with easy access to the details of the program.


Norton Shopping Guarantee seal


Conversion Kickers

The Norton Shopping Guarantee "Conversion Kickers" are placed throughout your website in order to ensure that every shopper is aware of the benefits they will receive from when they make a purchase on your website.

Kickers are most effective when displayed on product detail pages, in the shopping cart and throughout the checkout process. Placing the kickers next to the "Checkout" and "Add to cart" buttons will help reduce buyers concerns about product authenticity, shipping, getting good customer service, identity theft, information security and getting a good price.

We can place Kickers dynamically onto your pages without any additional work. Our team is available to help you select the most appropriate kickers and locations for them.


In order for the seal and conversion kickers to display, the URL of your website must be in our system. Please let us know if you will be installing the seal on a development environment with a different URL than your website.

Step 1: Seal Code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//[store number]" ></script>





Step 2: Guarantee


The Certificate of Guarantee is designed to provide peace of mind after the purchase is made. In order to generate a guarantee, certain required data elements are provided via the highlighted javascript variables shown in the sample code below.

The guarantee code is installed on the page immediately after the order is placed. This is generally the order confirmation or receipt page. Note: Do not place the guarantee code on more than one page of your website.

Step 2: Guarantee Code:

<!-- NSG Guarantee -->

<script type="text/javascript" src="//[store number]" ></script>

<script type="text/javascript" >

if( window._GUARANTEE && _GUARANTEE.Loaded ) {

  _GUARANTEE.Guarantee.order = "[order number]";

  _GUARANTEE.Guarantee.subtotal = "[order subtotal]";

  _GUARANTEE.Guarantee.currency = "[subtotal currency code]";




<!-- NSG Guarantee -->


The Certificate of Guarantee is presented as an overlay or inline on the order confirmation page to take advantage the "Instant Feedback" feature. This feature will allow you to quantify how your customers feel about you for providing Norton Shopping Guarantee.